Hi! I just bought an ASUS RT-AC86U which supports OpenVPN. I've been trying to set up the OpenVPN client connection by logging into the router, selecting "VPN" -> "VPN Client" -> "Add profile" -> "OpenVPN" -> then adding username and password to my PIA account and uploading a configuration file from here:

Can I use the Private Internet Access service with my router? Yes you can use PIA with your Router! However, we generally, do not suggest a router-based configuration due to the inherent speed limitations of a router-based VPN connection. If you do need a router-based VPN connection, we suggest a device with the AES Acceleration hardware as it will generally provide better performance for a router-based VPN connection. PIA VPN Setup on Asus RT-AC86U Troubleshooting Hey All, I am having trouble setting up my Asus RT-AC86U router with the PIA VPN. It is not on this list of supported devices: that the tech at PIA … Press J to jump to the feed.

Apr 28, 2016

Sep 18, 2017 ASUS VPN Routers ASUS RT-AC1200G+ VPN Router This router does not work with Nord VPN 'This router achieved an amazing 100mpbs+ across a PIA VPN in our tests!' This router / VPN is capable of streaming 4K content If you choose to purchase with our PIA VPN option the router will be configured 'plug and play' with five,

Linksys WRT3200ACM Guardian App VPN Router

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