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Poochie is one such pirate dog that comes to mind when thinking of famous dogs in pirate pop culture. The real name of Poochie is unknown, and this pirate dog is also known as the "prison dog." He is owned by Captain Edward Teague and first appeared in the Pirates of … 75+ The Perfect Pirate Dog Names and Meaning 2020 May 01, 2020 Top 10 Notorious Female Pirates in History - Wonderslist A pirate Queen and the ally of the infamous Turkish pirate Barbarossa, Sayyida al-Hurra was the ruler of Moroccan city Tetouan. Actually Sayyida al-Hurra is a title for a noble lady and her real name is unknown. Ruling from 1515 to 1542, she controlled the western part of Mediterranean Sea. History's Most Famous Pirates - Pirate Show Cancun Aug 16, 2017

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Famous pirate ship names from the Golden Age of Piracy

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