Jan 27, 2019

Samba Performance Tuning to measure file transfer speed, and Samba doesn’t suffer too badly from response-time problems that would require more sophisticated techniques. Our basic strategy for this work will be: • Find a reasonably-sized file to copy and a program that reports on copy speeds, such as smbclient. • Find a quiet (or typical) time to do the test. What's the typical performance of Windows File Sharing I've recently set up Windows file sharing over a gigabit ethernet network (I'm not using jumbo frames) with a Samba server and a Windows Vista client. I've done a few file copies, but the maximum throughput I'm seeing is 20MB/s (megabytes, not megabits) which is about 15% of the theoretical 125MB/s maximum for the network. TheSamba.com :: Volkswagen Classifieds, photos, shows

I think dbench is what you are looking for to test the transfer rates of Samba. You can also use other network benchmark tools such as netperf to test the TCP transfer speeds speeds between nodes. As far as using NFS vs. SMB, this excerpt from the O'Reilly book on Samba indicates that using NFS may or may not be faster depending on the scenario

Aug 15, 2007 raspbian - slow network performance samba - Raspberry Pi I use samba to copy files from W7 to an external 3,5inch usb3 drive, NTFS formatted and mounted on the pi using NTFS (not the 3g). I have seen a lot of reports of slow networking with samba but not many fixes. After upgrading my firmware the speed dropped from 3.xx MB/s to 2.7x MB/s

The Samba Team Edited by John H. Samba Team Terpstra. Speed Improvement Windows 95/98 Speed Improvement Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 Windows NT 3.1

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