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I do this because, simply put, Netflix USA has better content than Netflix Canada. What does US Netflix have that Canada does not? As I’ve discussed in previous articles , changing your DNS settings on your Smart TV, Apple TV, computer, or iPad and iPhone will give you access to Netflix USA and stop the annoying “You are not allowed to watch this video from your Country” we often see on our screens. Jan 24, 2015 · Canadian Netflix viewers have access to several movie titles that are unavailable in the U.S., including Blue Jasmine (2013), The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1 (2012), X-Men: First Class (2011), and Black Swan (2010). May 29, 2014 · Overall, there are about 1,900 TV shows that U.S. Netflix users get that Canadian users don’t. In comparison, there are only about 200 TV shows that are available to Canadian Netflix users but not Netflix Around the World We also provide TV show and movie lists for Netflix around the world, including countries such as USA, UK, Australia, France, and Germany Take a look at our available countries/regions at the top of the page to see how the Canadian and American catalogues compares to other countries. Jun 18, 2020 · According to Finder CA, American Netflix boasts 1610 TV shows and 3999 movies. Canadian Netflix, on the other hand, only has to offer 1462+ TV shows and 3998+ movies. Similarly, there are a ton of new content that’s always first released in the US. Feb 27, 2016 · Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings announced at CES 2016 this week that Netflix had flipped the switch on immediate global availability, excluding China, Crimea, Syria and North Korea. China is tricky due to government regulation, while Crimea, Syria and North Korea are excluded due to US government trade restrictions.

If you’re wondering how to get Netflix US while in Canada, take a jump here really quick like a bunny and check it out. Once you have it, read on to know how to tell the difference between American and Canadian Netflix. How to tell the difference between American and Canadian Netflix While I pack away my shorts and pull … Read More »

The best streaming services in 2020 | Tom's Guide Netflix ($8.99 per month) 2. HBO GO, HBO NOW ($14.99 per month) 3. Disney Plus ($6.99 per month) available only within USA! Reply. JaxChampion 03 May 2016 15:32. Netflix is NOT more expensive

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