Wireless Network Scanner (working on DD-WRT v24) I took the above script and tweaked it to work in DD-WRT v24 firmware, with the "wl" command. To run just copy and paste in a console (telnet or ssh) or save as a "scanner.sh" and run as ./scanner.

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 5:05 Post subject: DUAL WAN ON WRT54V8: I have 2 cable modems and a wrt54g v8. I am thinking about purchasing a new router because I just can't get the dual wan to work properly.If I could find a way to get the scripts to work correctly on the v8 router though, I would appreciate any help and would like to save money. A newer option is available (as of 2015). It is called 'Entware'. For more see: DD-WRT Entware-3X Wiki page or Entware on DD-WRT for K26 or K24 or Entware on DD-WRT for K3X, both Atheros (mips) or Broadcom (mipsel) Be aware that there are two versions of Optware. This page is for information OTRW (frater). if you are looking for OTRW2 please go This script adds a new page to DD-WRT with more detailed information about your clients active IP connections including their QoS rating as well as the Internet bandwidth currently in use per machine on the LAN. It is based on information from the DD-WRT QoS Wiki page and wrtbwmon. Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 16:47 Post subject: : Hi everybody, Finally I get dual wan running correctly on my wrt54g-tm (v24-sp2 01/10/09 std-nokaid) with the help of Jbarbieri scripts, using 1Mbit adsl and 1.4Mbit 3G broadband. local timeout = stdnse.parse_timespec(stdnse.get_script_args(SCRIPT_NAME .. ".timeout")) 150: local responses = {} 151: timeout = (timeout or 5) * 1000 152: local mcast = "" 153: 154-- Get the network interface to use 155: local interface = nmap.get_interface() 156: if interface then 157: interface = nmap.get_interface_info(interface

LED Scripts You are here: DD-WRT wiki mainpage / Scripting / LED Scripts This page contains scripts which can modify the behavior of your router's LED's. To find out how to load scripts onto the router, see Startup Scripts.

DD-WRT NordVPN scripts Synopsis. The purpose of this project is to enable a router liberated by DD-WRT to connect to the service NordVPN. All the clients in the network attached to the router will be able to use NordVPN via one login. The author of this software is in no way associated with embeDD GmbH or the hosting company NordVPN.

DD-WRT Novice Joined: 24 Feb 2007 Posts: 16: Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2020 3:11 Post subject: How to route traffic like a DHCP client from a router script

Sometimes you want scripts to be executed automatically when something happens, this article explains how to make sure scripts get executed at a certain point. General Information Edit There are four different directories DD-WRT searches for scripts, these are Assuming you have DD-WRT running already: Go to the directory on your local system that has the script in it; SSH to your router (guide available here) Change directory as recommended on the thread: cd /tmp; Run the script as recommended: /bin/sh /tmp/wrtbwmon setup; Let me know if you need clarification - glad to help.