I've read your previous post about having to deal with a rude Now TV help desk person, while I will not condone or excuse such bad behaviour, I will say that not all help desk personnel are D-Bags. I, myself, have dealt with several help desk people, over the 3 - 4 years I've been a customer of Now TV , and only found one of them to be suspect.

Not working in august , had to access via media – started working 3 weeks ago then yesterday not working – it’s time to “up your game” Kenny BBC app keeps freezing , then have to close Your guide to the BBC Embedded Media Player - BBC News The BBC now serves advertising on bbc.co.uk for users outside the UK, who do not pay a licence fee which funds the service. This means users from outside the UK may see a short advertisement at Audio and Video | Blackboard Help Select Yes, it's working to proceed. Choose the camera you want to use. Collaborate tells you that you look great when it is receiving your video. Select Yes, it's working to proceed. Your video will appear backwards to you. This is normal. Your video will appear correctly to … Can't get BBC Bitesize site to run - can you?

Same problem here. Looks like it is an iOS7 issue since both my iPad and mini iPad were showing the BBC videos fine on Safari prior to the iOS7 upgrade. Now it is not working on both devices. I wonder where we should request to look into this, BBC or Apple?

Jun 11, 2020

Bbc.co.uk - Is BBC UK Down Right Now?

Feb 06, 2015 · Can't get BBC Bitesize site to run - can you? A teacher wants to use the video BBC - KS1 English - Writing the letters of vowel sounds Our (ex RM - don't ask) domain machines (running IE9 but IE10 is the same) refuse to play it - they show the page but do nothing when the play button is pressed. Only two dozen people have ever personally witnessed the Earth rising over the lunar surface: the crews of Apollo 8 through 17. Those 24 astronauts are also the only humans to leave low-Earth orbit and see the 'dark' side of the moon—and only 12 of them walked on its surface. May 14, 2019 · The videos are defaulting to Flash and I've tried the BBC websites advice about choosing HTML5 over Flash but that hasn't helped as the slider to say "I prefer HTML 5 content" isn't there. The videos play fine on some machines which are essentially the same build although they were imaged some time ago, they also play fine on an iPad (I guess Jul 19, 2020 · I am also in same boat with strong vpn now. Was working fine then I got it working again now two weeks later tried all the open vpn and nope. Bbc Itv c4 all Not working so can’t watch I’m a celeb not happy. But weirdly now tv works when that has not for over a year. But bbc and Itv both stopped working today out of the blue very weird. BBC iplayer servers are down march 15, not working at all in the app and on desktop. Rob All I am seeing with the BBC iPlayer on Mac and Windows is a black blank screen, nothing and updated FLash etc.