How to let standard users configure the TCP/IP settings

Network Server Setup: Installation and Configuration - dummies Following is an overview of a typical installation of the network operating system (NOS) Windows Server 2008 and configuration of your server. Although the details vary, the overall process for other NOS is similar. Installing a Network Operating System In most cases, the best way to install Windows Server 2008 is to perform a new […] Creating a mirror registry for a restricted network Operators Understanding Operators; Understanding the Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) Workflow and architecture Updating node network configuration Troubleshooting node network configuration Logging, events, and monitoring Viewing logs Viewing events … 10 Best Network Configuration Management Tools for 2020 Jun 23, 2020

Terry L@u's blog: Allow local users or domain users

Appendix B - Privileged Accounts and Groups in Active Network Configuration Operators: Built-in container. Domain-local security group: Members of this group are granted privileges that allow them to manage configuration of networking features. Direct user rights: None. Inherited user rights: Access this computer from the network. Add workstations to domain. Bypass traverse checking. Increase a Network Configuration Operator - Microsoft: Windows - Tek-Tips Apr 22, 2012

Local Group Network Configuration Operators on Win10

Allow user to enable/disable network adapter settings on