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Most ports to Windows probably only need a subset of the complete Unix file. Here's a starting point. Please add definitions as needed. #ifndef _UNISTD_H #define _UNISTD_H 1 /* This is intended as a drop-in replacement for unistd.h on Windows. * Please add functionality as neeeded. unistd.h source code [include/unistd.h] - Woboq Code Browser * POSIX Standard: 2.10 Symbolic Constants 20 */ 21: 22 # ifndef _UNISTD_H: 23: #define _UNISTD_H 1: 24: 25: #include 26: 27 __BEGIN_DECLS: 28: 29 /* These may be used to determine what facilities are present at compile time. 30: Their values can be obtained at run time from `sysconf'. */ 31: 32 # ifdef __USE_XOPEN2K8: 33 grayhole: windows unistd.h 忘備録 windows unistd.h 忘備録 OpenCV を Windows でコンパイルしようとしたり、何かにつけて、引っかかるので、忘備録。 ここを参照しろ。 Include Files - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs

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#include <netinet/in.h> Oct 22, 2006 Socket Programming in C++ | Methods of Socket - EDUCBA To run it on Windows OS, usage of WinShock.h is mandatory. Also, you can use Cygwin to run these programs on Windows OS. Code: #include #include #include #include #include #define PORT 8080 int main ( int argument, char const *argv[] ) {int obj_socket = 0, reader; struct sockaddr_in

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The problem will be library dependencies: The code you linked to includes unistd.h a lot, which is a non-standard header. There are also two binary libraries in lib/my, of which only libmypf.a seems to be used - you won't be able to link to this, and need to find the source code, if you can find it. Makefile include for unistd.h Solutions | Experts Exchange Thanks fridon, actually my intent was to know include path only in Makefile as you have sggested, just that its a driver module Makefile. I have another problem now, the unistd.h is a user space file and I need the kernel space equivalent of it which I think is impelemented by the wait function. What is … What is the packet for unistd.h sys/types.h Mar 03, 2007 What does unistd.h do in Linux? - Quora